zaterdag 14 september 2013

For the sake of the song

To me, music is one of the most powerful art-forms. The emotional effect it can have, the way a song gets stuck in your head or how you associate an album or a song with certain events in your life. If I had the talent I would be a musician myself. Instead I decided to become a graphic designer. In a way I do treat my designs as if I'm writing a song. Songs often create a world on their own and that's what I like to do with my work as well.

My friend Matthijs van der Ven has this really great project Onder Invloed (dutch for under the influence). He records sessions with musicians covering their favorite songs. Not long ago he released a magazine with interviews and essays from some of the important people around this project. One of the essays (by Mathijs Leeuwis) has since then been stuck in my head. Especially these words: "Why do I never write about the places I live in? If I could I would keep on driving to Tecumseh. Only because someone [Townes van Zandt] wrote a song about it."

I can relate to this feeling Mathijs is talking about all too well. Because this is probably how the longing for Canada started; with music. Those who sing about the land of my dreams. The place that inspires them to create such beautiful sounds and striking words, must be a paradise. And there is just something about Canadian music; It sounds like everything that I have longed for, everything that is not here. With my love for the music grew my desire for that place.

At quite a young age I was already searching for my own sound. The music I heard around me wasn't really what I wanted to hear. Especially typical Dutch music has never had my interest. The Dutch musicians that I do like doesn't seem to be inspired by the places they live in. Maybe they also have this feeling of reversed homesickness?

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