donderdag 29 augustus 2013

What you wish for tomorrow you could have today

A diploma is a certificate to enter the next phase of your life. Everything is wide open, opportunities await around the corner, as long as you move forward. This is not a new chapter but a new book. Or, as I like to use tv-shows as a metaphor, this is not a new episode but a new season. The basic elements stay the same, but a new story-line develops. Main characters will stay, others move out of the picture and (hopefully) some new persons will be introduced. There is a blank script in front of me and I can now write this new season of my life. My head is overflowing with ideas and directions in which I would like to go. One direction in particular; Canada.

My plan is to go to Canada for about a year to travel, work, explore etc. To do so I need a working holiday visa and there is only a limited amount they give out each year. Applications are closed for 2013 so I'll be waiting for the gates to open again in 2014. Until then, all I can do is wait, dream, secretly plan ahead, think about my options regarding my apartment and what to do with my belongings while I'm gone, there is a lot that I need to figure out. But the real decision making will have to wait until I know for sure that I can get the working visa. Thankfully there is enough to do in the mean time, like working to save money.

"What you wish for tomorrow you could have today", wise words Sam Roberts told me in one of his songs. Maybe not literally true in this case, but very relevant to post-graduate life in general. This is the time to start building up your (new) life!

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