donderdag 10 oktober 2013

Rainy days

Waiting makes time go so slowly but time is also something that I don't seem to have enough of these days. There are not enough days in a week to do what I have to do and mostly what I want to do. The moment I can hopefully start my adventure seems so far away. While at the same time there will never be enough time left before that to spend with the people I love.

As fall is the season of the melancholic I find myself getting into the comfortable over-thinking state. It's something I don't mind, I love putting on quiet folk songs with the sound of rain in the background and a cup of coffee resting in my hands. It's during these moments that I find the contradictions in my mind. That I think about the concept of time and how it moves fast and slow at the same time. I turn up the music and let it all sink in.

(If you want the calming sound of the rain when it's not actually raining: Rainy Mood)

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